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Home with Bright LightsAs You Wish Electic takes pride in servicing our customes. No electrical problem is too big and no customer is too small. Our electricians specialize in residential electric service, electrical repair, new construction electric, solar energy generation and home automation. We install and wire Generac Generators. AYW also perform all the wiring for the Kohler House Generator installed by our sister company Greenwood Heating. We are pleased to provide you with an overview of our wonderful Bremerton Community.

In 1990, Bremerton, Washington, a city situated approximately 20 miles west of Seattle, was proclaimed to be "the most livable city in the United States," according to Money magazine. This came to be because of the fact that it's the home of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the second-largest employer within the Northwest, employing about 9,500 people.

In 1891, Bremerton was planned by a German immigrant by the name of William Bremer. In addition, Navy Lieutenant A.B. Wyckoff had purchased approximately 190 acres of waterfront property located on the Sinclair Inlet during this time period. Both of these men, plus the predetermined idea that Point Turner would be the best site within the Pacific Northwest to establish a shipyard, thus leading to the PSNS today.

On October 15, 1901, Bremerton was officially incorporated with Alvyn Croxton serving as the city's first mayor.

Following the city's incorporation, Bremerton established their first fire department in 1902, and its first hand operated fire cart arrived on December 20 of this year. Mounted in a tower in 1904, sat a 595-pound bell that rang out to firefighters and citizens alike alerting the town of potential dangers. Prior to the arrival of the bell, the alert had been delivered by firing gunshots in the air.

Today, Bremerton has an elevation that ranges from sea level to 565 feet above sea level and boasts a moderate climate with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low-40s. There is approximately 50 inches of rain per year and the city sits within a region with a major earthquake fault, although this doesn't seem to detract from the almost 34,000 residents.

The city's education system falls under the jurisdiction of both the Bremerton School District and the Central Kitsap School District, and the college level of education is offered by Olympic College. In addition to the extensive educational system, the demographics of Bremerton are considered to be especially diverse because of military base that is located here.

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